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Remember our re-launch of the vocational training in Vietnam program last year?

In that first cycle, we gave 30 youth a chance to re-new their lives by participating in a 3. Following its success, we decided to continue the program with a new group of 30 youth. We are pleased to announce that all 30 participants graduated this time. It was an occasion marked by a bit of pomp and circumstance, a bit of silliness, and a whole lot of optimism for the future. We looking forward to seeing how the scholarships will help these students achieve their goal of completing university, and we have faith in the success that is sure to follow many of them.

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Read the English version of this post here. Many of our volunteers and supporters often ask us what role the board of directors plays in the organization.

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In its simplest form, the board of directors sets the tone and strategic vision of the organization, helping ensure that the organization stays on mission and finds new ways to more successfully achieve that mission. But more often than not, board members are much more than people who convene every now and then to answer the big questions of what do we do?

Ek raat ki dulhan youtube

Board members get involved in fundraising, they help identify strategic partnerships, and they determine what program areas to expand to, among many other things. Especially considering how nonprofit board members receive no compensation from the organization, finding the right board member sometimes feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Read the Vietnamese version of this post here. Employee Foundation.

He compiled this story based on project reports from Vietnam and shares it with you. Later this week, a group of world leaders and renowned economists will gather in conference rooms and workshops to discuss the state of the global economy. Their conversations will be holistic, looking not just at isolated areas of concerns, but at how economic, environmental, governance, infrastructure and social systems relate and affect one another.

Yến Trang: 'Việc Thu Thủy làm rất âm thầm, lặng lẽ như cầm dao đâm sau lưng tôi'

Even though New Year Celebrations have come to and end and many of us have returned to the routine of daily life and keeping up with resolutions, VNHELP is actually already at work planning another new year celebration. Many celebrate the holiday for a full two weeks, and the streets are awash in lucky red and gold. The weekly news roundup brings you a recap of the latest happenings in Vietnam and international development.

This week, we have bears and Buddhist in Vietnam, and jobs and money talk across the globe. The weekly news roundup is back! Check out some of our selected readings below!

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Our latest newsletter is up and ready for your viewing! Check it out in the viewer below:. Cataracts are a serious issue in Vietnam. According to a study in the journal BMC Opthamology:. Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in Vietnam, affecting Of even more concern is the staggering numbers who are living with low vision, approximately 18, people per ,, much of which is caused by untreated cataract.

The good news is that cataracts can be treated through a relatively simple procedure.


Recognizing the need and realizing that this is a fixable situation, VNHELP decided to initiate the Vision for the Poor program in to sponsor free cataract surgeries for low-income patients across Vietnam. In the past two decades, Vietnam has made tremendous socio-economic developments and reforms. With an emerging middle class and declining poverty rate, Vietnam today is considered by many to be a cosmopolitan nation experiencing rapid economic growth and success.

In addition to decreasing poverty and hunger rates, many national and international efforts have been made to increase the education, social, and economic opportunities available to women. Meet Little Miss Phuong Anh, one of the latest beneficiaries of our wheelchair distribution program. Despite being born without legs and a left hand, Phuong Anh is a cheerful and bubbly four-year-old. She loves to play and move around, but it used to be painful for her to go outside because she had to crawl.

The unpaved and rocky streets in Vietnam were a source of constant discomfort. Construction actually began in March, and six months later, in September, the school was completed! The timing was perfect—just when the fall school season was about to go in session. The school is now a place where young primary-school aged children are learning writing, maths, and other important creative and critical thinking skills. To prolong the euphoria and keep us reminded of how blessed we are are as an organization to receive such tremendous community support, we love to go back and browse through photos, reminiscing about the good memories.

The most salient aspect of the new poverty plan is the push to alleviate poverty among ethnic minorities. As noted by several of the UNDP coordinators, poverty remains much more pronounced among ethnic minorities. Although Vietnam has successfully reduced poverty from The concert took place at the Santa Clara Convention to a packed house, with people of all backgrounds coming together to enjoy a night of culture and charity. See for yourself in the snapshot below! However, as the number of Vietnamese millionaires increases and the market expands, the economic gap between rich and poor also widens.

The gap in income is reflected in spending as well, with the wealthiest spending 3. Today, the U.

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  4. Labor Department released its annual assessment on forced labor and child labor across the world. For Vietnam, the results are grim. Along with South Sudan and Suriname, Vietnam has been added to a list of 74 countries that have serious child labor issues. According to the report, products that could likely involve child labor in Vietnam include bricks and garments.

    Garment production may also involve forced labor. Nearly all of the Southeast Asian countries, including Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, are included on the list, although the number of products with the risk of child labor production ranges in number. The report is released in the midst of increased discussions on human trafficking following President Barack Obama affirmation that he would help clamp down on trafficking at the UN summit on Tuesday. Evoking the harshest of terms, Obama said:.

    It is a debasement of our common humanity. It ought to concern every community, because it tears at our social fabric. It ought to concern every business, because it distorts markets. It ought to concern every nation, because it endangers public health and fuels violence and organized crime. As the new president of the World Bank, Dr. That is, what will it take to end poverty when 1. As Dr. What do you think it takes to end poverty?

    Will it be in collective action and people combining resources for a common good? Will it be private sector growth and new job openings? Is it a world where everyone is an entrepreneur?