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Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to see how you can defrag your system on Mavericks Better performance for your Mac hard drive is accomplished by defragmenting each file that the Mac Operating System skips.

Why Mac Hard Drives Don’t Need Defragmenting

The Mac OS only defrags files if they are under 20mb in size. You have thousands of files larger than that threshold, including most of your important files like pictures and videos. Also, this is great for recovery, should your Mac crash. Recovery of a single, contiguous file is much more successful and likely compared to recovery of a highly fragmented file. In other words, if your drive contains a lot of fragmented files, then the recovery success is usually lower, compared to a drive contains mostly unfragmented files. What should you do?

Start Long-Term Learning

Apple has been using it at the Genius Bar for over 5 years now. Drive Genius 3 will reorganize the larger files and defrag them consolidating the file into one contiguous file , improving seek and opening times. Drive Genius 3 also compacts the larger files to allow them to be saved without fragmentation.

Over time your Mac fills up with an abundance of large, unnecessary and unorganized files. Ever wonder how many copies of the same file you have on your hard drive? Duplicate File Search and Delete locates duplicate files and replaces those duplicates with an alias. Your Mac is loaded with large files that are filling up your hard drive. Large File Search locates the very large files that are taking up space on your hard drive. This could be large video file that came preloaded on your Mac or some funny email attachment someone sent you.

It is likely that you are not even aware of these files and Large File Search helps you keep tabs on what files are on your hard drive, allowing you to mark and delete the ones you no longer need. When Apple made the transition to Intel-based Macs, applications had to be made in a way that supported the new Intel-based Macs as well as the older PowerPC-based Macs from years back. DriveSlim makes it easy to trim all those down to only support the new Intel-based Macs.

Although it won't really double the speed of your Mac, Speed Doubler is a worthwhile investment for older, non-G3 machines. Speed Doubler 8. CONS: Most applications don't benefit from speed boost. Imagine how long it would take to do research in a library where the books were shelved at random. Searching for books in an unorganized library would be very similar to hunting for a file on a fragmented disk. Files get scattered around your hard disk as you use your Mac, so it takes your computer longer to find them. Thankfully, Alsoft's Disk Express Pro gathers up the pieces and puts them back where they belong, so your Mac works faster.

As with other performance-enhancing utilities, the speed boost from Disk Express Pro depends on the type of work you do. File fragmentation exacts the greatest toll on file servers and on documents created in certain applications, such as those used for digital video. That was A BIG mistake! For some reason iDefrag wanted me to drag my license into the registration window again. So I did. Nothing happened. I reverted back to 5. And this is supposed to be a good service?!?!

Screw that for a joke! If I don't receive an answer from them by the end of this week I will regret having ever supported the developer s , trash iDefrag completely and look for an alternative. Think twice before buying a license for iDefrag because the support sucks. Could a kind admin please remove my previous post? The Coriolis Systems support doesn't suck.

Xsan File Fragmentation and Performance

However, I do. I have been unable to get iDefrag 5. Seeing these recent reviews I now count myself lucky. Coriolis' notion of "broken license files" sounds more like a broken application problem to me. This is unfortunate as iDefrag has been working well for me for many years now. Until Coriolis has an answer for this problem, or better yet a solution, I will stay with version 5.

Now it may be that most users are not having a problem with iDefrag 5. The fact that I cannot even download 5. I'm not sure why you aren't able to download, but I wouldn't go on the recent reviews here. The broken license file issue from before 5th April is awkward to explain in detail without going into the workings of our copy protection, which I'm sure you will understand is not something that we want to do here.

It does, however, only affect those customers who purchased or were given a free upgrade before 5th April , and the solution is just to re-license the software. Coriolis Systems: Thanks for your reply.

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The download finally worked today. My iDefrag 5 license is dated September 11, , so it should fall outside the limits of the "broken" license problem. I guess I'll give it a try—on a test partition. If it works I'll report back here. As I will do if it doesn't work. I have upgraded to version 5 for Yosemite and El Capitan, but do not yet work in those systems on a regular basis. By the way, now that I look at it, the jump from version 2. It made me wonder if I had missed a few upgrades.

I looked into it on your web site and discovered I had missed nothing. Still, the jump from 2 to 5 is puzzling. The "jump" from version 2 to version 5 is only a jump if you aren't Japanese. Incidentally, this is a very common reason for jumps in version numbers; sometimes it makes sense to release new major versions in some markets and not others.

Coriolis Systems: Can't argue with that. But that is a very obscure to the public aspect of software development. I guess it's too tedious to explain unless someone like me asks. Thanks for the explanation. You can't even shut it down.

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I had two licenses, which it took every time I tried about 10 times. It's nice of you to be so reasonable and measured. This dot release 5. Not sure why it would even ask for this since it's a dot release. The previous version, 5. The licensing problem only affects some customers, and was mentioned in the release notes it's even written just above the comments here!

HFS Plus Volume Format

You had the same licensing problem last year! I've still got your emai with a newer?

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  7. Nice product but your licensing schema is a mess guys! Oh, and the last version crashes when attempting to update from that older version!