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How do I change the banner on my server? Why do my channels disappear? What is the difference between a Permanent, semi-permanent and a temporary channel? What is the Server Query port?

How do I configure my TeamSpeak server to kick idle users? This will show up as your name in the TeamSpeak 3 client interface to other users in your channels and servers. This key is given to you when you obtain a server on Guildshout. You should be connected to the TeamSpeak 3 server.

Other editions:

Log in from the Connect screen with the administrative privilege key given on Guildshout. You will notice a new group icon next to your name in the TeamSpeak 3 client interface. Go to your Control Panel.

Also notice that you can delete any other Keys you may have on your server. To generate a privilege key from the TeamSpeak 3 client interface follow these steps: Open TeamSpeak 3 client and connect to your TeamSpeak server. For Channel Group privilege keys you will then select which channel the privilege key applies to. You will need send this key to the person being granted the privilege.

You will see the generated privilege key in the Privilege Keys window until it is used. You can remove keys before they are used.

How To: Crée une serveur TeamSpeak 3 - Mac OS X

Copy and paste in the privilege key from guildshout. On connection you will be given the privilege level attached to the key. Temporary Password. This allows users to join your server for a given period of time. To add a temporary password follow these steps. Right click the server name at the top of the channel list in TeamSpeak 3.

Optionally fill out the description field. Set an expiration time for the password.


When this time has expired it will no longer allow access. Select the channel that users should be added to.. You can also set a secondary channel password. Channel Password.

You can set a password on specific channels that will limit access to the channels: Right click the channel you want to restrict. When entering the channel, all users will be required to enter the password. Kicking user. Users can be kicked the server for maintenance or bad behavior. Only administrators can kick or ban. To Kick a user follow these steps: Right click the users name in the TeamSpeak 3. Enter a reason for the kick. This reason will show up on the client after the disconnect message in the console.

Ban User. Bans can be infinite in length or limited to a given time span. To ban a user follow these steps: Right click the user name in the TeamSpeak 3 client interface. You can enter a reason for the ban or select from a preset of reasons for ban. You can select duration for the ban. Permanent will be an infinite ban unless the ban is deleted. To create a channel using the guildshout. Input the name of the channel you wish to create on the new window. Choose the option to which channel you wish to parent it. To create a channel using the TeamSpeak 3 follow these steps: Right click the server name in the channel list.

Optionally supply a password. Optionally supply a topic.

Download TeamSpeak Client (bit) -

Optionally supply a description. Select the channel type: Temporary will go away when all users leave. Semi-Permanent will stay until a server restart Permanent will stay until deleted. Select a channel to sort the new channel under. This is equivalent to creating a sub channel.

TeamSpeak Download

The Audio tab allows to you select a relative quality and bandwidth selection for the channel. The Permissions tab will allow you to set advanced permissions. The Advanced tab will allow you to set a phonetic name for the text to speech function, set voice data encryption, and limit the number of allowed users in the channel. Follow the steps in the wizard. Use the sliders to adjust the relative volume. You can set up your push to talk key with the Setup Wizard.

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Click the on Settings menu. Set a Name if desired, click Next. Press the key or combination of keys you want to use. From the Permissions window you can create both Server and Channel groups. Select on, Server Admin, Guest or Normal. You will pre-load some permissions with the template, all permissions will be editable after the group is created. Set the group options you desire. Read each option carefully. Congratulations, now you have successfully removed TeamSpeak 3 Client in your Mac computer, exit the uninstaller, and then restart your Mac to let the changes take effect.

You can also watch the whole removal process with easier helper in bellow video to learn more details:. It is an effective way to Remove TeamSpeak 3 Client from the Mac but you still need to finish more things. Seam as method I, you need to close down TeamSpeak 3 and terminate all processes of it in order to make the uninstall procedure run smoothly.

Repeat the seam steps to turn down TeamSpeak 3 Client. Once you have located TeamSpeak 3 in the Applications folder, you can drag it to your Trash in order to complete the removal. After all, take care when you clean up the leftovers of TeamSpeak 3 Client in the Library folder, or you will rather cause damage to the app or the computer in the later using. Choose one that fit your situation best to fully remove TeamSpeak 3 Client now, hope it helps you out of the trouble, see you in the next one.

TeamSpeak On MacOSX

Back to Homepage Blog Purchase. Jimmy I have been running a TeamSpeak 3 Client now for a while and I wonder how do I do the fully remove it? Introduction of TeamSpeak 3 Client TeamSpeak is your ideal voice and text chat app for online gaming, education and training, internal business communication, and staying in touch with friends and family. Right click the TeamSpeak 3 Client icon on Dock, and then choose Quit option; When you quit TeamSpeak 3 Client from Dock, but it is still working in background as the matter of fact, so try b or c.

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