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Wave your hands over the SH's invisible D Beam and drive the audience wild! Dimensions: L , H , D Dimensions in mm 5. The plentiful knobs and switches are all very intuitive and it makes it a joy to play". If you're a synth pro, the SH will remind you of why you fell in love with synthesizers in the first place. Simply, the SH is a blast to play! It sounds great too, thanks to such features as Roland's famous Supersaw waveform, Feedback Oscillator, D Beam, and more.

Smart Loops Releases SL Hit Tracks in Apple Loops Format

The SH is also equipped with an external input, so you can manipulate your CDs, MP3s, or other external input devices and instruments. Great-sounding analog-modeling synth. But contrary to what the name might suggest, the SH is not a modelled digital virtualisation of the SH analogue monosynth. Think more along the lines of the JP and you're somewhat closer — though despite many similarities with that instrument, the SH is more than just another repackaging exercise.

These synthesis building blocks are laid out left-to-right, according to signal flow, along the top part of the main panel of the synth. In addition, the SH sports an external stereo audio input, equipped with its own dedicated filter, whose signal is combined with that of the synth engine.

The SH provides 32 preset patches and 32 user-programmable patches, each type laid out in four banks of eight. Either the upper or lower tone can be selected, and all 10 voices used to play that one tone. Alternatively, the keyboard can be played in Dual or Split mode. In Split mode, the upper and lower tones are assigned to either side of an assignable Split point, each having five voices. In Dual mode, both Upper and Lower tones are layered across the whole keyboard, providing a total of five polyphonic voices.

Note that the SH is bi- tonal , not bi- timbral — the distinction being that it can make two sounds at once, but receives its MIDI data on one channel only. The synth is fitted with a basic four-octave, synth-action keyboard. The keys are slightly shorter than normal 13cm with a very light feel. Although the keyboard is velocity sensitive, many of the onboard presets have little or no velocity sensitivity, initially giving the impression that the synth itself is not velocity sensitive.

This, as we'll see, is a misconception — and, indeed, it could be seen as part of the SH's 'retro charm', evoking images of synths from the early '80s.

i5 2500K,Intel DH67CL,RX480-Hackintosh Possible ?

The all-plastic construction and external power supply make the instrument very light at only 5. The font used for the panel legending is large, bold and clear, making navigation of the controls very easy — a great help for those new to synthesis, and also to anyone using the SH on a darkened stage. Simplicity continues as the prevailing theme, with dedicated hardware knobs, sliders and buttons providing direct, hands-on control of parameters and functions. This is good news for the synth tyro, who may well be confounded by the intimidating LCD menus of arcane functions normally encountered at the more 'rarefied' end of the synth market.

The SH Editor main screen closely reflects the controls found on the front panel of the hardware synth. The SH features many more parameters than those visible on the front panel. Although these parameters appear to be inaccessible, almost all of them barring system settings and most arpeggiator settings can, in fact, be accessed from the panel — as long as you know the correct combinations of buttons to press and knobs to turn. However, it's worth remembering at least a few of the most frequently used ones or carry the manual with you so you can make critical changes while out on the road and away from your computer.

The SH Editor program makes access to these hidden parameters a breeze. The untweakable becomes tweakable, and suddenly the SH belies its toy-like appearance. The main Editor screen reflects the SH panel controls, while pressing the 'Detail' button within any parameter group reveals its in-depth parameters.

Edited sounds can be written to the SH from within the program. Additional Librarian software is supplied to complement the Editor , and is essential for managing and particularly for archiving your sound sets, as there are no data-dumping facitilites on the SH's front panel. The bright, almost toy-like appearance of the main panel is clearly deliberate — the SH makes as good an educational tool for the novice as it does a serious synth.

The two oscillators are similarly specified, each having a choice of eight waveforms: sawtooth, square, variable pulse, triangle, sine, noise, feedback oscillator and Roland's 'pseudo multi-oscillator', super-sawtooth. A ninth option, 'Ext In', allows one or both oscillators to be substituted by an external audio source. Oscillator 2 has an extra pair of buttons for setting its pitch either one octave down or one fifth up, relative to Oscillator 1.

These supplement the regular Pitch and Detune knobs, which can also be used to set the pitch of Oscillator 2 in the normal way. Mix passes the oscillator signals in the 'normal' way; Sync locks the pitch of Osc 1 to the duty cycle of Osc 2 sweeping the pitch of Osc 1 produces dramatic timbral changes ; and Ring modulates the pitch of one oscillator with that of the other, creating metallic and inharmonic timbres.

Also here is a three-position bass filter offering flat, cut and boost settings — not unlike those found on personal stereos.

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This filter also has a bypass setting, allowing the oscillators to pass through unmodified to the amplifier. The amplifier's level control also doubles as an 'amount' control for the SH's overdrive effect. Roland SS Digital Snake complete system. Temporarily On Backorder Free Shipping. Overall the new Roland RP is a nice piano and worth the money in my opinion.

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  7. I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow one of these for a number of years. Thanks to Roland, guitars and synthesizers have had a long working relationship together. I have some fairly steep, wooded land in the Blue Ridge that I want to begin improving. Read, watch, listen, and learn about Roland products and the people that use them.

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    Roland RS-9 64 Voice Synthesizer. Keybag and Keycover selection chart.

    SH Connecting to a Computer – Roland Corporation

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