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If all the above recommendations do not help to resolve the issue, the CD-R drive itself may be bad and need to be replaced. When burning a new disc, below are some additional suggestions to keep in mind to help make the processes smoother. Try to close as many unused and open programs on the computer.

Programs running in the background may cause issues during the burn process. Make sure Device Manager doesn't show any device conflicts with the hardware in your computer. If conflicts exist, it could be an indication of a resource conflict that may be causing issues.

Ensure that all power management is disabled on the computer. If the computer or a computer component goes into power saving mode during the recording process, it can cause issues. It is recommended that your hard drive has a 13 milliseconds or faster access time to keep the memory buffer full.

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Run Defrag and ScanDisk on the hard drive. Compression software can cause several issues during the recording process. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't supposed there's anything I can do about it, like some sort of undocumented firmware update for the SuperDrive?

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Jul 15, 2 0. According to the tech spec on Apple. Now I'm scheduled to have a repair on my MacBook which the tech at Apple mentioned may not even solve the problem It seems to me that Apple didn't do all their homework before they released the new MacBook If this "repair" fixes the problem, I'll post on this thread again This is very dissapointing coming from Apple MaddieBrad macrumors regular. Apr 8, 0 New York City. I have a similar problem. Only my problem is with a 2. It just will not read certain blank media.

So now I have to print the DVD and then put the stuff I wont to burn onto it on a thumb drive, put it on my wifes macbook, and then burn it on hers. Uhhhg so annoying. Nov 3, 1 0. I'd have to agree that I haven't seen disc compatibility issues in a while I wonder if there is a firmware upgrade for the drive to fix this? I have seen cases where that has been done in the past to fix compatibility issues.

Best External CD/DVD Drives for Mac in 12222: Transfer Your Data from Any Computer to Mac

Overkill macrumors newbie. Nov 8, 1 0. This is BS.

Sep 2, 87 0. I have this memorex lightscribe external burner. I want to burn CD and eventually dvdsDoes not mention Mac anywhere on the box. I have a 24" mac desktop thanks.

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  4. Best External CD/DVD Drives for Mac in 12222: Transfer Your Data from Any Computer to Mac;
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Aug 8, 1, 2 Coruscant, but Boston will do. NewMackie said:. Tbarr macrumors member. Mar 27, 57 0. Actually, Memorex doesn't make DVD drives. What you have is a Lite-On 20A1H. It lasted less than a year before it began acting up. I mainly used it for Lightscribe. I used an external NEC for burning.

Best External CD/DVD Drives for Mac in

It seems the software 'Disc Cover' doesn't like being in an external case. Whenever I would connect another firewire device while using Disc Cover, it would freak and abort writing. That's why I made the Lite-On internal. Then I found that the Lite-On had gotten much worse about recognizing discs. I trashed it on it's 1 year birthday. It has the record! Tbarr said:. I have the Samsung Internal Lightscribe.