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Did you solve it??? I want to do this but am nervous about the warning.

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  • M-Audio Firewire 1.10.3 Get Free Work Version For Mac OS X Mavericks Without Ad;
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I have a Profilre and it seems that it worked for Javier. What warning? If you think there might be a problem, back your drive up.. If it worked for one person it will probably work for you…. Terminal outputs that warning the first time you use it. Vine can you help me? I have a and it worked for me.

Thanks to whoever did this you are a proper stand up geyser i. Hi guys. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Ok, i figure that out. We just type the password, even if the cursor is not moving. And by the way… it worked with M-Audio Firewire Thank you very much. With all the worries about the drivers, I decided to buy a new Hard Drive to make the respective tests. By the way, my process of install was made on a new HD : 1. Install a fresh copy of Mavericks; 2. Install and cubase drivers on Mavericks ; 3. Install Yosemite. Not working with my Audiophile either. Vinny Troia can you give us some background as to what is trying to be done with your terminal command?

Perhaps the command needs to be modified depending on which M-Audio Firewire device is used. Perhaps we can try having a system installed on another drive that we know works with the M-Audio Firewire devices. Then fire up the Settings application there. Change the settings to what we want them to be. Reboot into Yosemite and see if the set-up keeps for the device. Perhaps we might have to go a step further and go and grab the saved m-audio and Apple audio preferences files on the working system and copy them over to our Yosemite system;.

Reboot into Yosemite and perhaps run a repair of permissions on Yosemite to ensure permissions are correct for the system. Reboot again and then try to see if your m-audio firewire device works with the set-up that you want. Of course this would only be useful if you only need to set-up and use the device and not make a bunch of changes while using the device. But you could use the presets in the settings app to change to different set-ups if you need to switch again and repeat the above.

My OZone no longer works. What do I do?

M-Audio Firewire 1.10.3 Get Free Work Version For Mac OS X Mavericks Without Ad

There is no driver for I just tried and reset but still not working profire Has anyone done this on a clean Yosemite install not an upgrade from Mavericks? This has worked for me with an M-Audio Firewire Solo. I have tested this via my browser, Audition and Logic Pro. Hey Perish can you explain how you got your m-audio firewire solo to work on yosemite and logic pro? Which fix has worked for you? Thanks for the reply! Does the preference panel work in system preferences? I see.. Thanks again!! I think I will give it another shot since I have cloned my main drive for easy recovery.

It works! Can you check if your pref panel works after you fixed your driver? Thanks for this workaround. I want to confirm that I did this using Yosemite I have not been able to make it work.

I got a new mac which only has lighting ports and usb 3. I had to connect two adapters to be able to connect my profire to my Mac. I think that is the reason why is not working for me. My adapters are: firewire to adapter, firewire cable, firewire to thunderbolt adapter…. Hi i have exactly the same setup it was a bit of a nightmare to get working. Unplug your device and cables. I updated Logic Express 9 went fine and entered the code above twice in my terminal. And I typed in my password. Any suggestions? Could you provide screenshots from each step entering the code, maybe?

I feel so dump.

Full Specifications

I can see the firewire solo actually shows as a firewire in system preferences, sound… but I get no sound output when I play something. Yosemite works much faster than mavericks and I really want to get this working! I just got it to work. Copied the command line into Terminal, hit enter, entered password. Uninstalled the driver and re-installed it following the instructions to unplug, shut down, plug in, and then turn it on. Worked without having to do anything more once the computer was up and running again. Running Just tested with Firewire Solo — no visible results.

It was working before with driver from M-Audio, but Pref Panel was freezing — after entering code — is the same. I just got it to work with my Firewire Solo. Where can you find the latest drivers?

FireWire cards: Working OS X El Capitan install-package | M-Audio Forum

It freezes. It works fine with logic, but still no pref panel. I just upgraded on El capitan , and my ozone works , weird but work well , only the panel of maudio on the OS X settings seems no firmware or device connected , instead the audio card and the keyboard works and works well with all my daws. Thank you for this. Newbie here, what is the terminal? I have a Mac desktop and an M-Audio Firewire.

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OS X Yosemite. Good luck. I think about 4 solutions when The control panel was not working for me in Yosemite freeze : so to enter my setup I used to edit directly the values in the M-Audio. I think that anybody thinking to upgrade their OS to El Capitan should resign because there is no future with the old drivers. By locking down the core system Apple will scupper the attempts of any malware to gain access to files, folders, running processes software that manages tasks in the background and system apps, such as the Finder and Dock.

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Similarly Kernel extensions will still be allowed, but developers will need a valid certificate from Apple to get them cryptographically signed. Ideally, a developer decided this, I believe it is not much to do for those who really know about development drivers. Could you tell me more about editing plist to set routing? Everything is working well with my Firewire except control panel freezing. Which file do you actually edit?

It seems after you save them, you have restart the system to get the settings to stick, at least for me, before the sound card driver recognizes them. I mentioned that you have to sometimes restart for the settings to take effect, the firewire driver often is hung at this point making changes anyway.

If you google the maudio control panel you can see screenshots which can help you figure out what the various sections of the plist file do. He says that because the sip require all the kext to be signed , it come in the way of developers that want to test with unsigned kext and the entire sip can be disabled , minute Yes, you can install an unsigned kext after disabling SIP but after that if you re-enable SIP the kext will not load….

Do you know that apart from what is said in the video I have tried all these solutions in the real life since the very first beta of El Capitan? I know i know , but disable for ever the sip is not a drama. I'm not aware of anything in there that could do that.

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Thanks again. I appreciate u helping with this.