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  2. I just wasted $17 on MAC Black Track gel liner...
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Has anyone tried both that can give me a comparative opinion. Or which of the two do you prefer? I prefer fluidline.

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It's just so much more intense than bb and for me it goes on really smoothly not to mention that damn pot lasts forever! Both are long wearing and go on smoothly. I suggest if you go to a department store like Macy's to buy them that you should go to the bobbi brown and mac counter and try them. Bobbi Brown!! It's not THAT much more expensive than a fluid line geez. But yeah for me fluidline smudges like heck after a few hours but Bobbi Brown lasts foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr and a day.

I've been using mine for years! Ever since high school and it's been a while since then haha. I own both and have used both, but I like fluidline better. The color is much more intense and I like the texture.

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It doesn't smudge on me but I guess that has been a problem for many other people and lasts all day. What, really?! How long has yours lasted without drying up? It's because my skin gets really oily there and whenever I blink the skin squishes, thus anything smudges there, lol.

But it's so minimal that the smudging isn't even noticable. I've noticed that it a couple of my Asian friends also have that creasing at the ends of their out corner of their eyes, so yea I'm not alone. Agreed on this one. And its only like 5 bucks. It smudges a little on the waterline but its okay. Anywho to the subject I prefer BB because it just glides on more smoothly for me in my opinion.

I just wasted $17 on MAC Black Track gel liner...

Like someone said it doesn't dry up as fast as fluidline either! By Nancyzak Started October 5, By marykarmelina Started April 3. By 0ly40 Started January By KimAigels Started April 22, By Guest winkme Started September 16, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. MAC fluidline vs bobbi brown gel eyeliner? Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. She is working with leading brands and writes on latest launches, events and trends.

All rights Reserved. The product comes in an attractive, sturdy and compact glass pot.

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Easy to carry and easy to use. The gel like tint is very neatly contained. The texture is smooth, silky and the gel formula provides a soft finish.

Buy MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Fluidline Gel Eye Liner | Sephora Singapore

The gel formula gives the swiftness of a liquid liner. Easy application with a dip and stroke action. The gel liner is applied with the help of an angle brush or an eyeliner brush. Hold the brush the same way as you hold a pencil. Dip it in the eyeliner pot and gel coat on all sides. Apply it the same way as you apply any eyeliner.

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It takes about a minute or so for the gel liner to dry. It is very important to clean the brush after usage. Use makeup remover or olive oil and dab the brush bristles in it. Gently wipe it with a tissue till the colour is out. You can also wash the brush with a mild soap and wipe it to dry it.

Go for smokey eyes or experiment with double wings as it gives precision while applying. The thickness of the eyeliner can be controlled with the help of the brush. The glide is smooth and one clean swipe is enough.